Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!  Through this medium, it is my goal to share my thoughts, experiences, and reflections as I navigate the wonderful world of teaching and working with adolescents.

Prior to teaching, I was a Program Manager at the Ogilvy Worldwide advertising agency, but pursued a more personally satisfying career working with kids in a subject area I had always loved as a student – mathematics. I enrolled in the Masters in Math Education program at Hofstra University and happily, I found my love of mathematics as strong as ever. With the opportunity to pursue certification in two areas, I leveraged my business experience and passion at Ogilvy to choose business education as a second area of concentration. As a result, my New York State Certification includes Business Education, grades K-12 and Mathematics Education, grades 5-12. I hold a Master of Science in Education from Hofstra University, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

Currently, I am a high school mathematics teacher. Teaching various levels of math, I always strive to challenge and motivate my students in both independent and cooperative learning environments, while incorporating Standards of Mathematical Practices and 21st Century Skills. Additionally, I implement technology-based learning into my lessons to create excitement and evoke inquiry in the classroom. Fostering positive relationships with my students and their families is certainly a key priority in running my classroom, and I take pride in knowing that both my students and their families are well informed and engaged in the learning process.

My experience includes managing various age groups and activities at an overnight summer camp, mentoring students in math research pursuits and competition, coaching, substitute teaching, tutoring children in math-curriculum, SAT, ACT and other standardized exams, and teaching a weekly SAT class. These roles have broadened my understanding of multiple intelligences and how to differentiate instruction accordingly. My business experience also includes search-marketing work in a digital marketing agency and non-profit fundraising.

I have been a member of NCTM (National Counsel of Teachers of Mathematics), NBEA (National Business Education Association), NCMTA (Nassau County Mathematics Teachers Association), ARBE-DPE (Association for Research in Business Education – Delta Pi Epsilon), and KDP (Kappa Delta Pi – The International Honor Society in Education, Theta Beta Chapter).

To learn more about my background and experiences, please view my LinkedIn profile here.

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